The Clothes Horse

"Where fashionista Addicts get their fix"



This site was born out of the sheer need to thin out my closet. Really!

I have been collecting pieces for years. I have been in the fashion industry before God was a boy and have been surrounded by great fashion for a very long time.

I was a runway model for years and a photo stylist for fashion shoots so I always was putting this and that together and contrasting pieces, collecting accessories, handbags, sunglasses, shoes, you name it.

Sitting at home looking at my over stuffed closet one more time and coming across pieces with tags still on them, things I couldn't pour myself into if I wanted to anymore I thought, "why don't I put these pieces up on the web and see if any other person would like a lovingly used fashion piece I have loved myself?"

So girls if you see anything on here you like just email. Pants are between size 2 and 7. Tops are size small to medium. Coats, jackets are size 5 -7.

Prices are between $5 and $20 for larger items. They're super reasonably priced. Make me an offer, no reasonable price will be turned down. I'll start off cash only for now then lead up to a paypal system if you like what I've got to offer.

Here's to just one more of my creative endeavors. Enjoy!

I know I will, the Clothes Horse     Victoria :)